Weekly Update June 29, 2018

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Weekly Update June 29, 2018

Weekly Update June 29, 2018

Weekly Update:  Check out the City Manager’s Weekly Update video for a quick look at what's going on in town. If you are interested in receiving an emailed notice of the Weekly Update, sign up for eNotifications on the City’s website, enter your email address and click on Weekly Update and any other documents you would like to receive.


Weekly Update – Fourth of July Edition: This week’s Weekly Update focuses solely on Coronado’s Fourth of July Celebration, the City’s biggest holiday of the year. The City is very proud of its patriotic heritage. Coronado and its community go all out for the Fourth of July with no less than eight related holiday events. The festive spirit is infused along Orange Avenue with Fourth of July banners and U.S. flags and at fully decked out patriotic homes from the Cays to the Village. The holiday begins July 3 with the Circumnavigation event, a bike ride the evening before the Fourth. The big day is filled with activities from 7 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. As parking is impacted all day, the City encourages locals to get around on the Fourth using the Free Summer Shuttle or by bicycle. Visitors are encouraged to carpool or arrive using a taxi, a rideshare company or via the ferry. The City doesn’t enjoy towing vehicles but is often forced to move vehicles parked illegally in red zones or in front of driveways in the public right of way. Don’t ruin your week by getting towed.

Flags on Fence 
Fourth Decorations


Fourth of July Municipal Schedule:  The City of Coronado reminds residents and businesses that some municipal facilities will remain open on the Fourth of July. The Public Services crews will not sweep streets on the holiday. EDCO will not perform regular residential trash collection; there will be a one-day delay in trash pick-up.

Fourth Skeds

Fourth of July Celebration:  Coronado's Fourth of July Celebration on Wednesday, July 4, includes a day filled with events, including a parade, a run/walk, a new run on Orange Avenue, a rough water swim, an art display, concerts, and fireworks. Check out this link for all you need to know about the day and for a list of frequently asked questions, including:

  • When do the medians open for the parade?
  • Where do I catch the Free Summer Shuttle?
  • When do the fireworks start?
  • Where can I park my motor home?
  • What new security measures are being taken?



Security Bollards: The City has added an extra layer of security around this year’s Fourth of July Parade route in response to recent world events where common vehicles have been used as weapons at large public gatherings. Crews have installed anchors for steel bollards along Orange Avenue. The bollards, metal poles that block vehicular access, will be installed on July 4, starting at 8 a.m. where police barricades and vehicles had previously been positioned during the parade. The exception is on side streets, where in the past, one full block on either side of Orange was closed. With the bollards, those streets will be closed from Orange up to the alley entrances. Alleys will remain open. Once the approximately 350 bollards are in place, those access points to Orange Avenue will be closed for the duration of the parade. The bollards will be removed following the parade, starting at First Street. Due to the location of the bollards, more parking will be freed up this year while still maintaining security.

Bollards in place


Parking on the Fourth: Parking is at a premium, to say the least, on the Fourth of July in Coronado. Parking meters and permit parking will not be enforced on July 4; however, all other parking rules and regulations will be in effect. Vehicles that are parked illegally are subject to being towed at the owner’s expense. If you see a “No Parking” sign, do not park your vehicle there or you will be subject to being towed or receiving a citation. The City will do its best to locate the owner of a vehicle, but we will tow as a last resort. The parking restriction signs are certified by the Coronado Police Department several times prior to and on the Fourth of July so moving a sign is not a valid excuse. Saving parking spaces is not allowed. Parking is not permitted on the Silver Strand State Highway at any time nor is parking allowed on the San Diego-Coronado Bridge.

Towed Vehicles: Towing of vehicles parked illegally along Glorietta Boulevard, the parade route and staging areas will begin at approximately 4 a.m. Pay attention to posted signs, park legally and your vehicle will not be towed. If your vehicle is towed, please contact the Police Department at (619) 522-7350. The Police Department’s main lobby, at 700 Orange Avenue, is open from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. on July 4. A release form from the Police Department is required to claim your vehicle at the tow facility. The registered owner of the vehicle will need to show the Police Department a valid driver’s license to get the release form. The release form costs $109. There also will be additional fees applied by the tow yard. When in doubt, find a legal parking space.

Tow image


Live Parade Coverage: Coronado TV will provide full coverage of the new Fun Run event, the Fourth of July Parade and fireworks show on the Fourth of July. You can watch the parade live on Spectrum Channel 19, AT&T Channel 99 and online at TV.coronado.ca.us. Live coverage begins at 7 a.m. on July 4 and concludes with the end of the parade at about 10 a.m. Coronado TV will have three cameras covering the run and parade from a prime location in front of the Coronado Public Library. Highlights of all the City's July 4 activities will air throughout the month of July on Channel 19 and online.

Parade Image



Fourth of July Parade Viewing: The biggest event of the City’s Fourth of July Celebration is the popular parade down Orange Avenue. People line the avenue in some areas 10 deep to watch this crowd favorite. This is a reminder that the medians, where people station themselves to watch the parade, will not open until 5 a.m. on July 4. There is no setting up or staking out areas prior to 5 a.m. Medians will be patrolled throughout the night by police officers and Public Services employees. People on the median prior to 5 a.m. will be asked to leave and subject to a citation. Items left unattended on the center median will be removed and taken to the Coronado Public Services building. Parade-goers may set up on the sidewalk side of Orange Avenue before 5 a.m.; however, no items may be left unattended or block public rights of way. After 5 a.m., people may reserve space only for themselves, not for others. There also is no loading or unloading of items or passengers while stopped in traffic lanes. The city advises parade-goers to buy merchandise and food from vendors approved by the Fourth of July Committee only. They are identifiable by their badges provided by the Committee. The City would like to thank the Fourth of July Committee for its all the work is does to make this special day happen and the San Diego Unified Port District for its financial support of $25,000. 


Boating News: Boaters should be aware of increased impacts to the Glorietta Bay Boat Launching Facility and special anchorage in Glorietta Bay due to the holiday.

  • The boat launch facility has seen an increase in the number of boaters due to the planned closure of the Shelter Island Boat Launch Facility. The City warns boaters to plan ahead. Arrive early and avoid being ticketed or towed by parking legally. All trailers must remain attached to vehicles being towed and there is no overnight camping or lodging allowed in the City. Boaters may consider using another boat launch ramp if unable to arrive early. Click here for information on alternative boat launch ramps in San Diego via the Port’s website.
  • City Lifeguards will set up and direct boaters to special anchorage in Glorietta Bay from noon on Monday, July 2, through noon on Thursday, July 5, due to the Fourth of July holiday. The A-5 Glorietta Bay Anchorage will be closed due to its proximity to the fireworks barge. Permits will not be needed at the special anchorage location. Vessels attempting to enter before the designated time will be turned away. Overnight anchoring permits will be required starting Thursday, July 5. Check with Coronado Lifeguards for details at (619) 522-2628.

         Boat Launch Ramp 

New Seasonal Lifeguard Tower: To increase the level of service at Coronado Central Beach, the City has added an additional seasonal lifeguard tower. The new tower will allow the City to provide an additional Coronado Lifeguard in the most crowded section of the beach while reducing City vehicles on the beach. The new tower will be labeled 4C, which will change the numbering of the subsequent towers to the north. Tower 4C will be placed just north of the Main Lifeguard tower at Central Beach. The next tower moving up the beach will be 5C near the end of Marina Avenue, then 6C near Ocean Drive and the fire pits, and finally 7C near Dog Beach. The Coronado Beach map has been updated to reflect these changes and can be accessed at the City of Coronado website at www.coronado.ca.us.

New Seasonal Tower 

Beach Safety Tips: As summer nears, the Coronado Lifeguards have a few safety tips for those coming to the beach this Independence Day:

  • Always swim near a Lifeguard: The City will have all Lifeguard towers open, as well as its Vehicle and Rescue Water Craft patrols underway. It is always best to swim near a Lifeguard so that immediate help is close by if you need it.
  • Check the conditions before entering the water: Every lifeguard tower has a conditions board and flag that provides information on potential hazards. Know before you go.
  • Wear a lifejacket when boating: It is always a good idea to wear a lifejacket while boating. By law, children must wear lifejackets while boating.
  • Do not swim or operate a boat while intoxicated: Intoxication is a factor in most fatal boating accidents. It is also a factor in many drowning incidents.
  • Supervise children around the water: The beach, bay, pools, and even a kiddie pool, or unattended bucket of water can be deadly to a child. They are counting on us to stay vigilant.
  • The Lifeguards remind beach-goers that there is no alcohol or glass allowed at the City’s beach or parks, and fires must be in a contained fire pit and not in the sand. Finally, please do not forget to pick up after yourself and group.

Beach on Fourth

Public Transportation, Special Fourth of July Service: Public transportation will be offered on the Fourth of July. The Free Summer Shuttle will run extended hours on the Fourth of July, from 8 a.m. to just before 11 p.m. The regular Metropolitan Transit System as well as the shuttle buses will operate on C Avenue via Pomona Avenue during the parade closure starting around 9 a.m. There will be stops at Tenth, Sixth and First streets. (See map below.) The City also will provide special free bus service on the Fourth of July for Cays residents from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. in 30-minute intervals from the bus stop across from the Cays Fire Station to the Community Center. See the map below for Cays Shuttle pick-up locations.

Bus Route 


New Trial Fun Run Event: The Fourth of July Committee has an array of events planned for the Fourth of July, including a new Fun Run, that is getting a trial run. The Fun Run, hosted by the Islander Sports Foundation, will head down Orange Avenue at approximately 9:15 a.m. After Orange is closed in preparation for the parade, Fun Run runners will sprint from Fourth Street to Star Park Circle. This pre-parade run will last about fifteen minutes. Run volunteers will be positioned along the route to keep the area clear for runners. Please be sure to use caution during the Fun Run as runners will be sprinting down Orange. This event is being tested to see how things go. No decision has been made at this point to repeat the event.  


Patriotic Public Art Piano Concert: The City will host a pop-up Patriotic Piano Concert at the public art piano at Coronado Rotary Plaza. Starting at 9 a.m. on July 4, local musicians will play favorites for about 45 minutes. All instrumentalists are encouraged to participate. If you’re interested in performing, contact Arts Education and Musical Arts Commissioner Mariah Gillespie at mariah@msmariahsmusic.com. The “Sit a Spell and Play a Tune” Public Art piano program debuted in May 2017 at Rotary Plaza. The City Council approved two more, one at Adella Plaza at the intersection of Adella and Orange Avenue and the Coronado Ferry Landing.

Public Art Pianos 


Fourth of July Banners Installed: Coronado will display its traditional patriotic-themed banners on the light poles on Orange Avenue from First Street to the Community Center at Avenida de las Arenas. They will remain up through Labor Day. The banners are underwritten with a community grant from Discover Coronado. For more information, visit CoronadoARTS.com or contact the City’s Contract Arts Administrator Kelly Purvis at (619) 522-2633.

Fourth  of July Banners


Police Department Observation Post: The Coronado Police Department will once again deploy raised observation towers along the Fourth of July parade route. The towers will be deployed in advance of the event and staffed throughout the parade. These pieces of equipment provide trained law enforcement personnel with an advantageous position from which to observe crowds to detect potential or actual unlawful behavior as well as to locate missing people. The community has previously expressed praise for the presence of these tools that provide enhanced security for our community’s premier event of the year.

Observation Post


Fireworks Show: The big finale event of the day is the fireworks display at Glorietta Bay. The begins at 9 p.m. The barge is in the water between the Coronado Golf Course and the Coronado Community Center. The fireworks will last about 15 minutes. The Coronado fireworks display is not connected to the Big Bay Boom. It is important to remember that parking is never permitted on the San Diego-Coronado Bridge or along Silver Strand State Highway at any time, but especially during the fireworks show. People are already distracted and stopping to watch may result in serious accidents.

Fireworks Image


How to Report Concerns, Trash Issues: If you want to report issues with trash or public or portable restrooms, contact the Public Services Department at (619) 522-7380. There will be staff on hand to deal with matters that arise on the Fourth related to public bathrooms and service, or maintenance issues.

Stay Informed Coronado:  Do you like being in the know? Do you know what’s going on in Coronado? However, you like to get your city news, Coronado has many ways for you to get it. Do you like Twitter? We are active on Twitter. Do you prefer Facebook? Like us to keep up. Maybe you prefer a text message for traffic advisories. Sign up for the City’s Police Department Nixle account. What about an email reminder that a meeting is coming up or the council agenda is online? We have that, too, through our eNotification system. Of course, almost all of that can be found online in the City Manager’s Weekly Update, a compendium of all the news and events that are going on or coming up in Coronado. You can sign up to receive an email as soon as it is published online or you can visit the City’s website on Friday at noon and find it there. Finally, don’t forget to check the City’s new website, where you can find news and information that affects residents, businesses and visitors.



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Posted on 06/29/2018
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