Weekly Update July 6, 2018

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Weekly Update July 6, 2018

Weekly Update July 6, 2018

Weekly Update:  Check out the City Manager’s Weekly Update video for a quick look at what's going on in town. If you are interested in receiving an emailed notice of the Weekly Update, sign up for eNotifications on the City’s website, enter your email address and click on Weekly Update and any other documents you would like to receive.


Fourth of July Wrap-up:  Coronado saw big crowds this week attending many of the July 4th events going on throughout the day all around town, including the parade, concert at Spreckels Park, and the big fireworks show over Glorietta Bay. Many are still in town due to the mid-week holiday. It takes a lot of work to prepare for and handle a big celebration such as the Fourth of July. Here’s a breakdown of the City’s efforts:

Raising Flag

  • TV Broadcast: Viewers from around the country were able to watch Coronado’s Fourth of July Parade. Coronado tv provided full coverage. Nearly 5,000 viewers tuned into the Facebook live-stream, with an average viewership of 3,800 people during the parade. Locals were able to watch live on spectrum channel 19 and at&t channel 99. The parade as well as highlights of all the city's July 4 activities will air throughout the month of July on channel 19 and online.

CTV Parade

  • Public Services: More than 30 Public Services crew members worked on the holiday and the day before, handling much of the logistics, including setting up the staging and grandstands. They also oversaw the installation of 100 portable toilets around the City before the Fourth and helped set up large trash bins and additional small trash cans around the City. Staff used 700 trash bags around the City and beach. In addition, 1,500 trash bags were given to the public for use on the Fourth.  This practice has a significant impact on reducing litter, giving the public a suitable option for trash disposal as the staged trash receptacles often become overwhelmed due to the crowds. Staff also set up and removed the 350 security bollards around the parade perimeter and managed, with dozens of contractors, traffic, trash pick-up, and restroom cleaning. On Thursday, July 5, staff and contractors finished the final clean-up and removal of trash bins, toilets and debris.



  • Police Activity: Dispatchers received 143 calls for service and officers initiated 121 interactions or contacts while on patrol and made three arrests. Officers handled a total of 44 tows, including unfortunately 27 police-initiated tows. Police reported 17 private impounds and issued 23 citations. Police deployed four mobile camera trailers and two sky watch towers to aid in ensuring the safety of the community.

CPD at Parade

  • Fire Division: Fire Services reported two vehicle accidents, seven medical aid calls, and one fire alarm in the Shores t

Little Mack Parade


  • Lifeguard Division: Thirty-two Lifeguard staff conducted routine beach patrol and monitoring, as well as staffing the Rough Water Swim and the City’s boat in Glorietta Bay for any emergencies. Lifeguards reported two ocean rescues; 22 minor medical responses, including 19 stingray stings; two missing persons (children were reunited with their parents); 21 dog contacts; seven kite contacts; one alcohol contact; 105 contacts with people asking basic beach questions; 20 safety talks with families or groups; 38 preventative actions, such as warning swimmers of a rip current; and three vessel assists.

Rough Water Shot


Prowler Reported: Around 2:20 a.m. on Thursday, July 5, someone entered a home through a bedroom window in the 400 block of E Avenue. A 16-year-old girl was awakened by noises outside her bedroom window. She left the room and went into her 15-year-old sister’s bedroom next door. The teens heard more noises and furniture being moved in the next room. They ran upstairs and woke their parents who called police. Officers arrived on scene and found that the screen had been removed from the bedroom window. It appears the prowler was scared off when the girls ran upstairs. There is no evidence that anything was taken during the incident and there is no description of the suspect. Detectives are on scene processing the location for physical evidence and speaking to neighbors and any potential witnesses. If you have any information regarding this case, call (619) 522-7350.

PD Logo


Dockless Bicycle Recovery: More than 100 dockless bicycles from three different businesses are being stored at Public Services storage yards, impounded after being cited and removed from the public right of way. The City requires businesses using the City’s rights of way for commercial purposes to have a permit. No dockless bike sharing company may operate in Coronado. A person riding a dockless bicycle into town is not in violation of the Municipal Code; however, abandoning the bicycle, which is commercial property, in the public right of way, or facilitating a financial transaction to rent that bicycle, are violations. Dockless bicycles are tagged by the Police Department then impounded if not retrieved by the owner. Once impounded, the companies must pay a fee per impounded bicycle to reclaim their equipment. The fee covers the City’s cost for implementing the program. The City must hold the confiscated bikes for 90 days to allow the property owners reasonable time to retrieve their property. Once that has expired, the City no longer has an obligation to retain the property. The City started impounding dockless bicycles in late March. A final formal notice will be provided to the dockless bike sharing companies to let them know about the City’s plans to dispose of the confiscated bikes with its private waste hauler. Coronado has 11 bicycle rental companies. The permit process protects those businesses, who provide all the bikes residents and visitors need. The local rental companies do not brand their bikes or allow them to be abandoned in town. Many local businesses will sell their bikes at used-bike prices at the end of the season. Coronado is designated as a silver-level Bicycle-Friendly Community and Bicycle Friendly Business by the League of American Bicyclists.

Dockless Bikes

Dockless Bikes

Water Quality Test: On June 26, the City of San Diego received the results of a beach water quality test at Avenida del Sol. This testing is conducted weekly. The results revealed an above-normal level of Enterococcus. It should be noted that fecal and total coliform levels were below the state standard on recent test results. The City of San Diego sample resulted in an advisory being issued by San Diego County, which is still in effect. The City believes that the elevated bacteria levels are from higher water temperatures and kelp breaking up near Avenida del Sol and the Coronado Shores, an annual occurrence this time of year. There is no indication that the bacteria are from the Tijuana River since no beaches closer to the border have tested for similar levels of bacteria. The City of San Diego tested again on June 28, June 29 and on July 1, July 3 and 5. The county’s Department of Environmental Health conducted a test on July 2 after hearing community interest for the Fourth of July holiday and due to the current advisory. The test results over the last few days have shown a decline in Enterococcus levels. However, the advisory may only be lifted after a positive water quality trend that demonstrates levels have returned to below the state standard. The advisory will remain in place through the July 7-8 weekend as more samples are collected and tested. It is important to note that this is an advisory, and not a closure. The advisory suggests avoiding water contact in the area. Those with a compromised immune system, or the very aged or young may want to avoid contact with the water. The City of Coronado sampled Central Beach area on Tuesday, July 3, and will communicate the results to the Department of Environmental Health to evaluate the advisory status.

Storm Drain Inlet Improvements:  Major construction activities have concluded on the Storm Drain Inlet Improvements project and the contractor is working on final touch-ups at all locations throughout the Village. Although minor work activities will continue, roadway construction signs and traffic delineators have been removed from the right of way at all sites. However, please continue to use caution around each of the active work zones.

Storm Drain images


Country Club Infiltration:  The contractor on the Country Club Infiltration project will use dewatering wells this week to pump out groundwater and route it to the storm drain. This will lower the water table so that the contractor is able perform the work. The site will have an open trench for repairs on Sixth Street between Coronado and Balboa avenues and in the 800 to 900 blocks of Coronado. Work is expected to begin next week.

Country Club


Library Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning System: The final walk-through was completed this week on a project to make improvements to the Library’s Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning system. The contractor will provide City personnel with training on the operation of the controllers’ user interface. The project is nearly complete.


Pet of the Week:  Tiger, a beautiful 8-year-old Maine Coon cat, is this week’s Pet of the Week. Tiger wants a forever foster family. He has some health issues, which are easily managed with special food and medication, and PAWS will cover the cost of these items in his new home. He is sweet and affectionate and has a fun and playful side. He’s happy and healthy with his medication and is part of PAWS of Coronado’s Lifetime Care Foster Program. To set up a visit with Tiger, call PAWS, which runs the City’s Animal Care Facility, at (619) 522-7371.

Tiger PAWs



Commission Vacancies:  There will be two vacancies on the Library Board of Trustees as of August 31. Information concerning the responsibilities, qualifications, terms, and process for applying can be found here.




Hot Temperatures Expected: Lifeguards are seeing big crowds this week due to the Fourth of July holiday and more are expected as temperatures are set to rise through the weekend inland. An excessive heat warning has been issued by the National Weather Services until 9 a.m. Friday, July 6, for parts of east San Diego County, where temperatures will exceed 104. County health officials are reminding the public to take precautions during extreme heat conditions and keep an eye on children, the elderly and pets. If you go to the beach, Lifeguards say they expect higher than normal surf, which typically means some strong rip currents. They remind swimmers to stay near a lifeguard tower. Every lifeguard tower has a conditions board and flag that provides information on potential hazards. As a reminder, no alcohol or glass is allowed at the City’s beach or parks, and fires must be in a contained fire pit, not in the sand.

Lifeguard Tower 


Summer Festival:  To complement the Library’s exhibit on the California Gold Rush and the Immigrant Trail, the Ric Burns documentary “The Donner Party” was screened on Monday, July 2. Also on the same theme, the program “Westward Ho! Tales from the Trails” will be presented Saturday, June 30, at 3 p.m. in the Winn Room. Marilyn McPhie will be telling stories of old California, including some yarns about San Diego. All ages are invited to attend.

Summer Festival


Youth Services:  The movie “Ferdinand” was shown on Tuesday, June 26, and the annual “Fourth of July T-shirt Decorating” event was held on Thursday, June 28.  A special “Saturday Storytime” will be held at 2 p.m. on Saturday, June 30.  The Teen event this week featured “Cupcake Wars: Stars and Stripes.”

T-shirt all

Cupcake Wars 




Golf Pro Joins PGA Tour Again:  Brian Smock, Coronado’s head golf pro and a Coronado native, has qualified for the second year in a row for the PGA Pro Championship. Smock placed in the Top 20 of more than 300 club professionals at the Pro Club Championship in Seaside, California. Smock said it is an honor to represent the City of Coronado and the Coronado Golf Community at the tour. Play begins August 9.

Brian Smock


‘Go Play, Get Fit Youth Day’: On July 11, 650 campers and staff from around San Diego County will enjoy a day of sports, games, dancing and other fun activities at the 14th annual “Go Play, Get Fit Youth Day” at Tidelands Park. The focal point of the event, organized by the Greater San Diego Recreation & Parks Coalition for Health and Wellness, is to create healthier children while highlighting the beauty of Coronado. Children ages 5 to 16, enrolled in summer day camps throughout San Diego County come to Coronado for the event, which runs from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Children will enjoy a variety of action-packed recreational activities at 20 different stations, from traditional sports activities to Jazzercise, and martial arts to dance.

Go Play Get Fit


Fitness Center News: The Fitness Center windows that open to Glorietta Bay will be closed from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the summer months to help keep the room air conditioned.

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CTV Parade
Posted on 07/06/2018
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