Wastewater Operations

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Wastewater Operations

The Wastewater Division is responsible for the maintenance of 17 sewer pump stations and more than 45 miles of underground sewer pipe line. On average, Coronado transfers 2.35 million gallons per day of sewage, including sewage from the Cays and all Navy bases, to the City of San Diego's Point Loma Treatment Plant.

For additional information, view the Sewer System Management Plan, tips for Sewer Maintenance, and Dewatering Guidelines.  To report a sewer overflow or any other maintenance issues, go to PublicStuff, the City's online work order system. 

Training Materials

Food Establishment Waste Discharge (FEWD) employee training materials are available at the links below. Information and brochures for Storm Water Operations, can be found at Pollution Prevention Guidelines.

 Brochure: Food Service Pollution Prevention

food service
food service Spanish

Poster: Commercial Kitchen Practices 

 commercial kitchen commercial kitchen Spanish 

Brochure: Sanitary Sewer Systems - Maintenance and Responsibility 

 sanitary sewer systems       sanitary sewer systems Spanish     

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