Weekly Update June 5, 2020

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Weekly Update June 5, 2020

Weekly Update June 5, 2020


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Dog Beach, Sunset Park Reopen:  The City Council approved opening up Dog Beach and nearby Sunset Park at a meeting on Tuesday, June 2. Dog Beach was closed when all City beaches were closed on April 3 to discourage public gatherings that might help spread the coronavirus. When City beaches reopened on April 27 for limited activities such as walking and running, the City kept Dog Beach closed due to the difficulty visitors had in maintaining the required social distancing. With the opening of San Diego County beaches June 2 to passive use, including laying out and picnicking, the Council agreed to move forward with reopening Dog Beach and Sunset Park. The closing of Sunset Park was due to unexpected gatherings on the grass due to the closure of the beach in early April. Please note that the fire rings and the dog washing station remain closed for now due to the need for regular sanitation.

Sunset park Reopens

Dog Beach image  



Passive Use of Beach Permitted: Coronado's beach is open as of June 2 for passive use, including sunbathing and relaxing with towels and chairs with members of your household unit. The Coronado City Council agreed May 19 to reopen Coronado's beach once the San Diego County health officer opened the region's beaches for passive use. Group activities at the beach are not allowed. The City asks the community to heed social distancing and sanitation measures when at the beach.

Beach image



Bridge Closures: The San Diego-Coronado Bridge is a state highway, managed by the California Department of Transportation and the California Highway Patrol. The bridge is closed for many reasons, including traffic accidents, someone who is contemplating jumping, and, as in recent days, due to protesters aiming to walk across the bridge. There might be other reasons, such as filming a commercial, which will close it intermittently over the course of a weekend morning, or roadwork, which is typically conducted by Caltrans at night. When the bridge is closed, it may be closed by the CHP or by the City’s Police Department, or both, if an emergency situation arises. Law enforcement may close both sides of the bridge, as needed. It is unpleasant when the bridge closes for any reason, especially if you must leave Coronado, but there is always a reason and that is to protect the safety of the public. If you would like to receive a text or email for traffic advisories or bridge closures, sign up to receive them via the Coronado Police Department's Nixle account.

Bridge Image

Coronado Monitors Safety, Supports Free Speech: The City is aware of concerns about ongoing protests and demonstrations and wants to assure the community that it is actively monitoring the situation. Coronado and its Police Department are saddened over the tragic death of George Floyd and understand the public's desire to protest. The City supports the right to free speech but also is committed to protecting its citizens and businesses. The City is informed on a regular basis about any threats directed at the community. Coronado is in daily communication with law enforcement agencies throughout San Diego County. The Coronado Police Department receives information on any threats and, based on the level of threat, prepares a response in conjunction with neighboring agencies. The City has in recent days closed the San Diego-Coronado Bridge due to protesters in San Diego attempting to cross the span on foot. The closure on May 31 ended early the next morning. The action prompted the City to issue an advisory the same evening asking all residents and guests to stay in and businesses to cease operations from 8 p.m. on May 31 until 5:30 a.m. on June 1. The City also activated its Emergency Operations Center in anticipation of any civil unrest, which never materialized. The City also closed the bridge June 1 from 4 to 10 p.m. due to a similar demonstration.

Serology Testing Update: The City Council has suspended the development of a Coronado-centric community COVID-19 serology testing program. After consulting with Sharp Coronado Hospital, Sharp officials have indicated support for a primarily academic study to further the scientific understanding of the disease and the rate and spread of infection. However, it would not be a study intended to be a service to individuals nor one that would help Coronado advance more rapidly to the next phase in the reopening plan. This is in accordance with the state of California and the Center for Disease Control that COVID-19 serology testing is not to be used to determine immunity, determine asymptomatic shedders, or be used as a sole basis to diagnose or exclude COVID-19. Due to the limitations on serology testing, results may or may not be released to participants. At its meeting  Tuesday, June 2, Council members agreed to hold off for now on the program until it is clear what the results mean, that there is an understanding of the decisions that can be made from the results, and there is an understanding that the results may be provided to individuals without reservations or restriction.

Reopening of Cays Tennis Courts: The San Diego County public health officer recently amended an order to allow for tennis to resume under monitored limited conditions. The first courts to reopen were those at the Glorietta Bay Tennis Center. The Cays Tennis Courts are next, set to open for reservations today, June 5, for play starting Saturday, June 6. The rules at both facilities require that no more than two individual participants or one household group is allowed on the court at a time. Doubles play is permitted but players must be from the same household group. The courts must be monitored, and masks and temperature checks required. Play will require registration, payment of registration fees of $5 per resident per court and $20 per nonresident per court for a 1-hour spot and abiding by the hours of operation. For the Cays, play is proposed for three days a week -- Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday -- from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. because the courts need to be supervised. One-on-one tennis lessons have resumed at both courts. Call the Tennis Center at (619) 522-2650 for reservations.

Cays Tennis Court image

Avenida del Sol Improvements (Hotel del Coronado): The Hotel del Coronado received all the necessary permits and approvals to begin construction of the offsite improvements along Avenida del Sol. The hotel’s contractors are mobilizing the appropriate equipment and personnel to the job site and have indicated they intend to start construction as soon as possible. Additional updates will be forthcoming as construction begins and their formal construction schedule is submitted to the City. Please be advised that traffic control will be implemented in the vicinity. Drivers should use caution when passing through the area.

Hotel del Coronado images

Fire Truck Rotation: On June 1, the Coronado Fire Department moved the City’s aerial ladder truck to Fire Station 36, Fire Department headquarters, where it will be the primary fire unit. The station’s traditional fire engine was moved to Fire Station 37 in the Cays. In addition to having the aerial ladder, the truck also has a water tank, pump, and hose that allows it to perform fire extinguishing activities as needed. There were a number of factors that drove this decision to rotate the equipment, including having the aerial truck closer to the Village and to cut down on the travel time to get from the Cays to the Village. About 85% of calls occur in the Village.

Aerial Ladder Truck




Third, Fourth, and I Avenue Storm Drain Project:  Trenching operations began between Third and Fourth Streets on the project to improve the storm drain along Third and Fourth streets and I Avenue. The work will likely remain focused in this area for the next three weeks based on the contractor’s latest anticipated schedule. Please be aware of traffic control when traveling through the area as it is subject to change daily depending on construction operations. The City has hired a full-time inspector to oversee construction activity on the project to help ensure all appropriate measures are taken to lessen these impacts on the surrounding community. This includes limiting the amount of stockpiled soil and rock, dust control through watering, proper cleaning of equipment and the surrounding area to limit tracking debris off the construction site, and inspecting the work area at the end of every day to ensure reasonable efforts have been made to secure the area during non-working hours.

I Avenue Storm Drain


Library Flooring Replacement Project: The Ruby Room’s old and buckled existing vinyl composition tile floor was replaced last week with a new ruby red heavy-duty commercial grade sheet vinyl floor and coved base. Prior to the new floor installation, the concrete floor cracks were patched, the floor leveled, and a moisture barrier installed to prevent future buckling. Sheet vinyl requires less maintenance than vinyl composition tile and has no joints as found between tiles, which prevents microbes and dust particles from accumulating and results in a cleaner and healthier environment.

Library Flooring image


Osher Lecture This Week: This week’s free Osher lecture is “It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll: The Rise of Motown and the Soul of Stax; Soundtrack of the Vietnam War.” This online presentation, from Osher’s Master Class, will discuss the political and economic history that shaped the 60’s and how it profoundly influenced the evolution of popular music and its reception. Click the button below to access this week’s free video lecture. This video will be available for online viewing now through Sunday, June 7. All our Osher lectures are brought to you through our continued partnership with UC San Diego’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute. Presenter Robert Cancel is Professor Emeritus of Comparative Literature at UC San Diego. He specialized in African and Caribbean Literature and also taught courses on 20th Century literature and culture.

Osher Lecture image

Red Cross Blood Drives: The City of Coronado continues to partner with the American Red Cross to host blood drives in the Coronado Community Center. The Red Cross currently has an urgent need for blood. To date the city has hosted two successful drives. The next drive is scheduled for Wednesday, June 10 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Nautilus Room. An additional drive is scheduled for mid-July and both drives are taking online reservations. Donations are by appointment only through the Red Cross website. At each event, the Red Cross staff follow the highest standards of safety and infection control and have implemented additional precautions in light of COVID-19.

Blood Drive flier


Board, Commission, Committee Vacancies: The following position is open on the Design Review Commission (one vacancy). Applications are being accepted for this position. Responsibilities of each commission/committee, qualifications for appointment, term of office, and deadline for receipt of applications can be found on the bottom of the City’s Boards, Commissions and Committees page.


Pet of the Week: The City and PAWS of Coronado, which runs the Coronado Animal Care Facility, have resumed adoptions with some restrictions. The first Pet of the Week since mid-March is Violet, a 10-year-old black cat. Violet came to PAWS as a stray after she was found at the Coronado Cays Yacht Club late last year. She is an inquisitive and engaging mature feline who will make a wonderful companion. she is back and looking for a forever foster home. Violet has kidney disease and a benign mass on her left front paw, both of which do not affect her demeanor. PAWS will provide a special diet and take care of her medical needs free of charge. The adoption fee has been waived and Violet is up to date on her shots. For more information, call PAWS at (619) 522-7371.



Cays Block Wall Project: Work is nearly complete on the Cays Block Wall Project. The City’s contractor for the project is in the final stages of painting. Work included repairs to the significantly cracked block, replacing rusted rebar with epoxy coated rebar, where needed, replacing the entire top mortar cap with water resistant mortar, and painting the block wall when all masonry repairs are completed.

Cays Block Wall 

COVID-19 Information: The City is working diligently to provide the latest news and information on the coronavirus pandemic. The City issues a newsletter on an as-needed basis with news, resources, features and information on how Coronado is working to help stop the spread of the virus. To subscribe to the COVID-19 Update, click on this link to see a copy of the newsletter then hit subscribe and provide your email address. News may also be found on the City’s website: www.coronado.ca.us. You can follow the City on social media (FacebookTwitter and Instagram) and check the Coronavirus Information webpage to get City updates throughout the day and weeks.

COVID-19 Page

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Posted on 06/05/2020
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