Inspection Request

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Inspection Request Line

  • Phone: 619-522-7361
    The following information needs to be provided when calling in an inspection request.  Incomplete and/or incorrect information may result in an inspection delay.
    1. Permit Number
    2. Project Address
    3. Type of Inspection Requested
    4. Day/Date Inspection Requested (e.g. Friday - April 6th)
    5. AM (8:00 - 12:00) or PM (1:00 - 4:00)
    6. Contact Name & Phone Number
    7. Any additional remarks (e.g. job off of alley, card on fence, etc.)
    Inspections received before 4:00 p.m. on a regular business day will be scheduled for the next business day, unless indicated differently on the message.
    Any inspections left on weekends or on City observed holidays will be scheduled for the second business day.
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