How to Book an Event

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How to Book an Event or Facility

Step 1: Review available facilities and select your venue

Community Center Nautilus Room:

  • Room Size: 4,950 sq. ft; 55’x90’
  • Seats up to 250
  • Facility is used for wedding receptions, non-profit fundraisers and anniversaries
  • Professional catering kitchen

John D. Spreckels Grand Room:

  • Room Size: 1,916 sq. ft; 39’x50’
  • Seats: up to 96
  • Facilities used for seminars, celebrations of life, retirement party
  • Professional catering kitchen

The Club Room & Boathouse:

  • Room Size: 1,368 sq. ft; 35.4’x37.5’
  • Seats: up to 75
  • Facilities used for intimate wedding receptions, baby showers, adult birthday parties
  • Moderate size kitchen available

Community Center Abalone Room:

  • Room Size: 819.9 sq. ft; 30’ x 27’33”
  • Seats: up to 45
  • Facilities used for youth birthday parties, non-profit board meetings
  • Moderate size kitchen available

Community Center Sand Dollar Room:

  • Room Size: 717 sq. ft; 30’ x 23’9”
  • Seats: up to 39
  • Facilities used for youth birthday parties, non-profit board meetings
  • No kitchen available

Step 2: Check Availability

There are three locations that allow you to check availability of booking:

If you are interested in a facility other than the above mentioned, please email [email protected] to inquire about dates and times.

Step 3: Review all Facility regulations and Q&A  

Facility regulations, information and FAQ are located under “Regulations and Information” section on the page of the facility you wish to rent.

  • It is important to navigate to the facility you have selected as the regulations and information pertain specifically to the physical location

Step 4: Complete our online application & proof of residency

  • Complete the online application  
  • There is a $25 application fee.
  • To receive the resident rates, proof of residency is required.
    • Residency rates are extended to Coronado residence and their immediate family (parents, grandparents, children)
  • One of the following documents must be provided to prove residency:
    • Current Property tax bill
    • Current utility or phone bill
    • Current rental lease or mortgage statement
    • Pre-imprinted check with Coronado address & copy of government issued ID
    • Military orders or housing assignment
  • Proof of residency documents should be sent via email to [email protected]

Step 5: Final booking process

A Facility Rental Specialist will contact you to process the application and fee.

  • Upon confirmation of all details you will receive a digital contract to sign
  • Payment is due 30 days from effective booking date
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