Adult Book Bundles

Adult Book Bundles

What’s a Book Bundle?

  • Book Bundles are 3-5 books grouped together by format, topic or genre selected for you by our librarians.
  • Book Bundles help you get quick access to a variety of reading material based on your specific interests.

Why check out a Book Bundle?

  • Discover new titles!
  • Book Bundles allow you to pick-up several related books all at once, no searching or browsing required.
How Do I Get One?

For adults: email 
Indicate your preferred genre including Mystery, Romance, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Western, Cooking, Gardening, Crafts, History, Biography, Sports etc. and/or a title or author you’ve recently enjoyed.

You will get a call when the bundle is ready for curbside pickup.

Checkout Details

  • When you check out a Book Bundle, you’re checking out each item in the Bundle, and items can be returned separately.
  • Keep what you’re enjoying and return anything else at your convenience.
  • You can check out any number of Bundles- there is still no limit on the number of items you can check out.

Please include a name and library card number with your request. For questions, please call 619-522-7390.

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