Shark Incident Closes Beach for 48 Hours

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Shark Incident Closes Beach for 48 Hours

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Shark Incident Closes Beach for 48 Hours

CORONADO, CA (Dec. 30, 2020) – Lifeguards have closed the City’s beach for 48 hours after a swimmer had his swim fin nipped by a juvenile white shark Wednesday afternoon.

Lifeguard Capt. Sean Carey said the swimmer was not harmed and was able to positively identify the type of shark. The incident was witnessed by several surfers in the area at the time.

Carey said the swim fin has tooth marks on it as a result of the bite. He said the water was immediately cleared and the beach closed to all water activity.

Based on the Shark Incident Response Guidelines developed by the California Marine Safety Chiefs Association and the California State University, Long Beach, Shark Lab, the beach will be closed to water activity for two days.

“We will be monitoring the waters by boat to keep an eye out for it,” Carey said. “We have informed the Shark Lab.”

The beach has been posted and will not reopen until New Year’s Day. The City of Coronado takes this situation seriously and reminds all beachgoers that there are numerous hazards in the ocean environment including marine life of various kinds.

For more information on what the City and the Shark Lab are doing to address this emerging issue please visit the Shark Lab website and the City’s Shark Awareness page.

The City of Coronado is dedicated to protecting all beachgoers and has been working with the CSULB Shark Lab to tag local juvenile sharks and track their activity with underwater receivers. Please remember to always check the ocean conditions with Lifeguards before entering the water.



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Posted on 12/30/2020
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