Tennis Community Meeting Q&A

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Tennis Community Meeting Q&A

Tennis Community Meeting – April 28, 2021


UPDATE: As a result of a meeting with the tennis community earlier this week, there will be no changes to the fee reservation system at the Coronado Tennis Center. The City Council will consider the matter when it receives a more comprehensive report on the overall tennis program a couple of months from now.

Recreation and Golf Services will hold a public meeting on Wednesday, April 28, to discuss recent changes at the Tennis Center and for an update on all City courts. There has been much discussion in the community about the recent changes, all of which the City will address including pro lessons; classes, camps and drills; court reservations; the new tennis concessionaire; City contacts; and what is open now. The meeting will be held at 4 p.m. at the Tennis Center, 1501 Glorietta Boulevard. Recreation has this Q&A about the changes to answer common questions in advance of the meeting. The meeting is open to the entire community.


Coronado Tennis Meeting Q&A


Question:        How many tennis courts does the City have?

Answer:          There are 8 courts at the Tennis Center; 4 at Coronado High School; 5 in the Coronado Cays and 2 at the Coronado Public Library.


Question:         Does the City charge for courts?

Answer:           No, the City does not charge for courts.


Question:         What is this fee I am hearing about that the City is charging?

Answer:           The fee ($5 for residents and $15 for nonresidents for two hours of play) is to reserve play on a specific court at a specific time. This is a convenience afforded to any tennis player. If a tennis player wants to reserve a court, a fee is charged. If a player does not want to pay, the player may have to wait for a court to become available.


Question:         Is the fee going up?

Answer:          No, consistent with City Council approved Resolution 8717, the City has established a fee schedule for tennis facilities by classification. The fee has been $5 for residents and $15 for nonresidents for two hours of play to reserve the court.  The fee was charged inconsistently in the past.


Question:         Why does the City allow commercial operators to use public tennis courts?

Answer:          The City allows tennis professionals to access City tennis courts for the convenience of those players who use their services. The tennis professionals are not employees and have individual contracts through the Tennis Concessionaire.


Question:         What model does the City use to manage those contracts?

Answer:           Prior to a new Tennis Concessionaire agreement, tennis pros were independent contractors with the City. Under the new arrangement, pros remain independent contractors but with the new concessionaire, Impact Activities. Impact Activities has the discretion of selecting contractors that meet their needs.

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Posted on 04/27/2021
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