Coronado Installs Banners on Orange

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Coronado Installs Banners on Orange

Coronado to Install New Banners on Orange


CORONADO, CA (June 27, 2016) – Coronado is installing new patriotic-themed banners on 30 street poles along Orange Avenue, from First Street to Avenida de las Arenas, just in time for the City’s unrivaled Fourth of July celebration.

The City Council approved the banner designs and installation in May. The City’s Cultural Arts Commission came up with the idea of banners on Orange Avenue street poles to encourage the use of public spaces for art, one of its 2016 goals. Banners provide a vibrant and strong visual presence, and add a splash of color to the business thoroughfare.

The Commission received $45,000 in funding through the Coronado Tourism Improvement District’s Community Improvements Fund. The grant covers the design, production and installation of up to six different banners throughout the year-long program.

The City has installed banners during the summer from First Street to R.H. Dana Place on 20 poles. The grant will cover the cost to include 10 additional poles on the median through Avenida de las Arenas at the Coronado Shores where the City currently displays the American and Coronado flags.

Representatives from the Cultural Arts Commission, Coronado MainStreet, and the Coronado Tourism Improvement District are crafting the banner program guidelines and agreed to proceed with a patriotic banner for the Fourth of July and the busy summer season in Coronado. The flags will replace patriotic banners that were hung along Orange for the past 20 summers. Those banners were in need of replacement.

Commissioners will review and consider recommending to the City Council the new program’s guidelines in August. For more information on the banner program, contact the City of Coronado Contract Arts Administrator Kelly Purvis at [email protected] or (619) 522-2633.


Banners on Orange
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