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Construction Temporarily Closes Bayshore Bikeway

Contact: Janine Zuniga (619) 522-7304

Construction Temporarily Closes Bayshore Bikeway


CORONADO, CA (August 4, 2016) –  Two construction projects will result in a closure of a section of the Bayshore Bikeway until mid-August.

Work on the Coronado Cays entrance project will require complete closure of the Bayshore Bikeway at the Cays entrance through August 16. Notification signs have been put in place to alert users.

In addition, Time Warner Cable will be doing maintenance work on existing utilities adjacent to the Bayshore Bikeway between Fiddler’s Cove and the Cays entrance the week of Monday, August 8.

The Cays Entrance Project will make the area safer for bicyclists, pedestrians and motorists by lowering perimeter walls for better sight lines, moving the entrance kiosk back and making improvements to the bikeway near the intersection.

The contractor has agreed to provide an area that pedestrians can use to get around the construction zone. It will be unpaved and will require bicyclists to dismount and walk their bikes. However, it may be useful and safer for those who use the bike path to commute. Small delays may occur as the contractor brings in or removes work material or equipment.


Bayshore Bikeway

Posted on 08/04/2016
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