Tree of Concern at Spreckels Center

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Community Notice: Tree of Concern

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Tree of Concern at Spreckels Park at High Risk of Failure


After a recent assessment of public risk, the City has decided to remove a Blue Gum eucalyptus tree of concern at the John D. Spreckels Center construction site. The decision was made after careful review and consideration of public safety concerns.

The tree is adjacent to Seventh Street, near the corner of Orange Avenue. It began displaying a “dieback” of branches just more than one month ago. When the condition was observed, it was immediately reported to the City and an arborist's inspection was ordered. West Coast Arborists assessed the tree and found that it presents an overall high risk of failure. The assessment also found that the consequences of such a failure could be severe to a person and significant to a vehicle or building.

To read more about the tree and the reasons for its condition, click here to read a Q&A.

Blue Gum tree of concern

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Posted on 11/08/2016
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