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For the latest updates, please view the information below. To receive updates on the City's response to COVID 19, sign-up under the City Manager's Weekly Update 

Here's the Latest COVID-19 Update | June 10, 2021 Edition

For Information on the City of Coronado/Sharp Hospital COVID-19 Vaccination site, visit:

Animal Care Facility - Open,
services by appointment.
The Coronado Animal Care Facility has resumed adoptions. PAWS of Coronado staff, who run the facility on behalf of the City, are caring for the animals with adjusted procedures to make sure it is operated in a safe manner. If anyone from the community needs animal services, such as help with relinquishments, impound pick-ups and adoptions, PAWS is asking people to call (619) 522-7371. 

Licensing is now available online, visit PAWS Animal Licensing for more information.


Aquatics Center -
reservations required.  Visit the Community Center Webpage for information on the Aquatics Center.

- Open
daily from 6 a.m. to Sunset. Dog Beach and Sunset Park are open.

Boathouse - Open. For more information, visit the Recreation Department webpage.

City Hall - Open, 8am to 5pm daily.

Community Center -OpenVisit the Community Center Webpage for information.

Coronado Public Library - Open. 
Visit the Coronado Public Library Webpage for more information.

Golf Course
 - Open, reservations required. For more information, visit the Coronado Municipal Golf Course webpage.

Glorietta Bay Boat Launch Ramp - Open

Lawn Bowling Green - Open, reservations required. 
Visit the John D. Spreckels Center and Lawn Bowling Green Webpage for more information.

Parks - Open. Playground equipment at all parks are open.

Police Department Lobby - Open.

If you are having an emergency, please call 911.

Public safety officials and other personnel are receiving the proper procedures for dealing with potential cases such as guidance on appropriate protective measures. Fire personnel have stocked up on personal protective equipment and have procedures in place on how to coordinate with a receiving hospital to ensure the patient is met outside to minimize exposures. You may see officers and firefighters wearing masks and adhering to the social distancing guidelines. They are taking all the necessary precautions.

Skate Park - Open
For more information, visit the Recreation Department's Skate Park Information page

Tennis Courts - Open
Visit the Tennis Webpage for information on Tennis.




Stay Informed Coronado!

Do you like being in the know? Do you know what’s going on in Coronado?

However, you like to get your city news, Coronado has many ways for you to get it. Do you like Twitter? We are active on Twitter . Do you prefer Facebook? Like us to keep up. Maybe you prefer a text message for traffic advisories. Sign up for the City’s Police Department Nixle account . What about an email reminder that a meeting is coming up or the council agenda is online? We have that, too, through our eNotification system .

Of course, almost all of that can be found online in the City Manager’s Weekly Update, a compendium of all the news and events that are going on or coming up in Coronado. You can sign up to receive an email as soon as it is published online or you can visit the City’s website on Friday at noon and find it there.

Finally, don’t forget to check the City's website, where you can find news and information that affects residents, businesses and visitors.

San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

World Health Organization

County of San Diego Health and Human Services - Coronavirus FAQ

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Coronado has set up a call center to help answer questions and hear the concerns of residents. Please call (619) 522-6380 if you are concerned about a neighbor or family member, have concerns about food and other resources, or if you have questions about our local schools, City services or City business. Don't hesitate to call us. The call center is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Reach the Call Center at (619)522-6380


The City advises residents to practice “social distancing” to help stop the progression of a pandemic. However, just because we cannot physically gather does not mean we cannot connect.

On March 20, the City began its Safe at Home but Not Alone community outreach to connect with the community through programming on Coronado TV and via social media.

The City is broadcasting programs it typically offers at the Library, Spreckels Center and Community Center such as chair yoga, Library Story hour, Cultural Arts videos and Recreation dance programs for kids. In partnership with the Library, Recreation Department and Cultural Arts Commission, the City is creating new content daily. The City is engaging staff, local creatives and teachers to provide programming that otherwise would not be available to our citizens during this time.

Read more about Coronado TV and see an updated list of daily broadcast programming.

 Neighbor to Neighbor - Block by Block

Neighbor-to-Neighbor (N-2-N) is a program built on neighbors looking out for and helping one another. With multiple help-your-neighbor efforts springing up around Coronado immediately after the declaration of a national emergency, a group of citizens approached the City to propose a unified and coordinated effort to provide support to our citizens and neighbors. Through this partnership, local volunteers, your neighbors, with the support of the City of Coronado, have undertaken initiatives to get the word out to all our citizens; helping deliver food, medications, and other needs to people needing assistance; providing critical transportation for those in need; and coordinating donations to assist those suffering severe financial hardship during these times.

Programs have been organized by volunteers in the Coronado Cays, Coronado Shores, Coronado Village and Navy Housing. Coronado's N-2-N initiative has enabled residents to be better informed and able to take advantage of local efforts and resources. The program is entirely voluntary and run by volunteers but during these uncertain times it is important that we maintain our sense of community. Please contact the Neighbor-to-Neighbor (N-2-N) program coordinator at [email protected] or contact the Coronado Call Center at (619) 522-6380 for more information.



Business Reopening

For the latest information on business reopenings, please visit the County of San Diego COVID-19 Resource Webpage.

Businesses with questions regarding reopening procedures and requirements should contact the County at [email protected]

Reopening Support
The City is partnering with Coronado MainStreet to provide monitoring, education and support for our local businesses.

Visit their website at for resources and information on business reopening.

Temporary Outdoor Seating

The City Council agreed May 19 to waive Coronado’s parking code requirements to allow local restaurants to temporarily serve dining patrons in parking lots, other dedicated parking spots or other open areas near their restaurants. Some restaurants have reopened indoor dining.


The Council action allows Coronado restaurants to maintain but not exceed their previously approved seating occupancy prior to the COVID-19 emergency required them to close or greatly reduce their operations. The seating is subject to the conditions and limitations outlined in a City handout and application form found on the Community Development web page.





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