Recycling Information

The City of Coronado's Recycling Ordinance requires all residents to recycle. With an average of 6 pounds of waste per day generated for each Californian, recycling plays a vital role in helping us reduce our waste and conserve our limited resources.

"Recycle Right" Newsletter

Recycle Right Newsletter Approximately 20% of what some residents and businesses put in their recycling bins is not recyclable in the blue bin. By eliminating materials that don't belong (contamination), you'll help ensure recyclables remain valuable, are actually recycled, and do not create a hazard for workers or machinery at the recycling facility.

Stopping contamination begins with knowing how to recycle as well as what to recycle - Read the Recycle Right Newsletter.

Recycling Right means your items are:

  • EMPTY. No or very little food residue remaining.
  • DRY. No liquids remaining. Liquids can ruin paper, cardboard and other materials in the recycle bin, making them unrecyclable. 
  • LOOSE. Do not bag your recyclables; place them loose in the recycling bin.

Mandatory Commercial and Multi-Family Recycling

 Effective July 1, 2012, California State law AB 341 requires that commercial enterprises that generate four cubic yards or more of solid waste weekly participate in recycling programs. This requirement also includes multi-family housing complexes of five units or more, regardless of the amount of solid waste generated each week. EDCO Disposal, the City’s permitted waste and recycling contractor, will establish recycling services that meet your needs for a reasonable monthly cost.  Establishing recycling programs may help lower your total cost for waste collection services since recycling service fees are substantially lower than waste collection fees. For more information, visit, or call (619) 287-7555. 

For Business Owners:

Use the list in the Business Recycling flyer to help employees learn what items can be recycled. Separate recyclable items from trash inside your business. Place your recyclable items in external recycling containers for collection.

For Apartment Managers:

Use the information on the Recycling for Apartments flyer to help residents learn what they must do and what items can be recycled.  Ensure residents know where outside recycling containers are located.
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