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City of Coronado Staff Directory

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Last Name First Name Title Email Address Phone Number
Barcello Michele Human Resources Management Analyst  619-522-2403
Barcello Timothy Accounting Technician II 619-522-7307
Briggs Laura Finance Management Analyst 619-522-7308

IT Technician
Garza Victor Accountant  619-522-7303
Gewaily Emad Finance Manager 619-522-7306
Greenhalgh Brittany Human Resources Technician 619-522-7301
Finance Management Analyst 619-522-2426
Krueger James Director Of Administrative Services 619-522-7309
Lewton Brian Information Technology Manager 619-522-2401
Love Catherine  Human Resources Manager  619-522-7304
Negash Abraham IT Network Administrator 619-522-7306
Reed Terrance IT Network Administrator 619-522-2402
Ritzenthaler Susan Human Resources Management Assistant 619-522-2405
Salinard David IT Network Administrator 619-522-2427
Santos Marilen Accountant 619-522-7324

Last Name First Name Title Email Address Phone Number
Ekblad Jennifer City Clerk 619-522-7321
Coon Janet Administrative Secretary 619-522-7315
Last Name First Name Title Email Address Phone Number
King Blair City Manager 619-522-7335
Albrecht Dominique Assistant to the City Manager 619-522-7305
Janelle Secretary to the City Manager  619-522-7339
Kelly Sr. Management Analyst 619-522-2633
Zuniga Janine Sr. Management Analyst 619-522-7340
Last Name First Name Title Email Address Phone Number
Balcobero  MaeColleen Administrative Secretary 619-522-7326
Barragan Jessica Community Development Technician 619-522-6309
Brown Jesse Senior Planner 619-522-2415
Calvani David Building Official 619-522-2411
Grunow Richard Director 619-522-7338
 Lee Howard Associate Planner -
Active Transportation 619-522-2423
Nowak Damion Building Inspector 619-522-7344
Olsen Tricia Associate Planner 619-522-7329
Romano Tanairi Assistant Planner 619-522-2416
Smith Marisa
Associate Planner
Sprague Amanda Building Inspector 619-522-2413
 Thornton Jane Associate Planner 619-522-7344
Zamora Adrian Community Development Technician 619-522-2410
Last Name First Name Title Email Address Phone Number
Last Name First Name Title Email Address Phone Number
Last Name First Name Title Email Address Phone Number
 Briley Shaun Director of Library Services  619-522-7395
 Risolo Glenn  Principal Librarian  619 522-2470
 Andrade Kelly Librarian II  619-522-2478
 Bates Kelera  Library Assistant II 619-522-2474
Burmeister Nick Librarian II 619-522-2483
 Davies Tara Librarian II 619-522-2488
Fry Bridgette Library Assistant II 619-522-2487
Graham Katia Librarian II kgraham@coronado  619-522-2471
Hauser Eileen Senior Librarian 619-522-2482
Herrera Maria Accounting Technician I 619-522-7392
Hooper Candice Library Assistant III 619-522-2476
Houghton Maria Library Assistant II 619-522-2477
Luna Jacqueline Librarian II 619-522-2479
Morris Christopher Library Technician 619-522-2472
Skelly Elizabeth Administrative Secretary 619-522-2475
Tu Vy Senior Librarian 619-522-2473
Service Area Phone Number
Emergencies 911
24-Hour Non-Emergencies 619-522-7350
Chief's Office 619-522-7355
PIO/Media 619-522-7370
Records and Permits 619-522-7366
Investigations 619-522-7364
Traffic 619-522-7359
Property and Evidence 619-522-7345
Senior Volunteers and Explorers 619-522-7370
Recruiting (877-NADO-COP) 877-623-6267
Lost/Found or Aggressive Animal 619-522-7350
Animal Adoption (PAWS) 619-522-7371
Last Name First Name Title Email Address Phone Number
Adams Anthony Maintenance Worker II 619-522-7380
Andrade Ofelia
Management Analyst
Andrade Sebastian Maintenance Worker II N/A 619-522-7380
Cazares Jose Mechanic II 619-522-7380
Dias Mark Motor Sweeper Operator 619-522-7380
Drummond Charles Maintenance Worker II 619-522-7380
Duhala Kirk Maintenance Worker II 619-522-7380
Eastlick David Lead Maintenance Worker 619-522-7380
Fernandez Luis Maintenance Worker II 619-522-7380
Frazier-Gonzalez Paulina Maintenance Worker II 619-522-7380
Garcia Billy Maintenance Worker II 619-522-7380
Garcia Juan Maintenance Worker II N/A 619-522-7373
Gerszewski Laura Office Specialist 619-522-2435
Godby Kimberly Public Service Supervisor 619-522-7387
Gonzales Melita Accounting Technician I 619-522-2421
Gonzalez Manny Master Mechanic 619-522-7386
Guerrero Jose Maintenance Worker II 619-522-7380
Horvath Kirk Maintenance Worker II 619-522-8438
James Jermell
Accounting Tech I
Johnson Denise Sr. Management Analyst 619-522-7349
Johnson Gary Assistant Engineer 619-522-2425
Katzenstein Samuel Assistant Engineer 619-522-7384
 Lu Jackie
Capital Projects Manager
Martinez Larry Spec. Equip. Mechanic I 619-522-7380
Maurer Clifford Dir. Of Public Services 619-522-2652
Mcgrath James Lead Pump Mechanic 619-522-7380
Mcpherson Dana Public Services Tech. 619-522-7382
Morales Martin Tree Trimmer 619-522-7380
Lasley Ian Public Service Supervisor 619-522-7389
Navallez Marcel Maintenance Worker II 619-522-7380
Newton James Principal Engineer 619-522-7313
Odiorne Katherine Associate Engineer 619-522-2424
Padilla Gabriel Spec. Equip. Mechanic II 619-522-7373
Powell Jessie Associate Engineer 619-522-7357
Ramirez Jorge Maintenance Worker II 619-522-2432
Ramirez Raul Mechanic II 619-522-7380
Reynolds Nancy Administrative Secretary 619-522-2420
Rodriguez Roberto Lead Pump Mechanic 619-522-2643
Sanchez-Espinoza Samuel Utility Systems Operator II 619-522-7380
Sandoval Richard Lead Maintenance Worker 619-522-7318
Saole Nuuao Maintenance Worker II 619-522-7380
Sevier Jason Utility Systems Operator II 619-522-7380
Smith Joshua Electrician 619-522-7380
Torres Eddie Maintenance Worker II 619-522-7380
Urbina Gilbert Maintenance Worker II 619-522-7380
Valdivia Arturo Public Service Supervisor 619-522-7388
Vargas Luis Maintenance Worker II 619-522-7380
Walton Ed City Engineer 619-522-7385
Last Name First Name Title Email Address Phone Number
Amanda Ratajesak Office Specialist 619-522-2454
Ana Dissing Accounting Tech I 619-522-2438
 Brianna  Conser  Aquatics Coordinator
Willie Aquatics Coordinator
Bryant Brown Maintenance Worker II N/A 619-522-7818
Edward Foster Maintenance Worker II N/A 619-522-7818
Elizabeth Mcmahon Recreation Coordinator 619-522-2459
Enrique Enriquez Maintenance Worker II N/A 619-522-7818
Eric Scribner Lead Maintenance Worker 619-522-7373
Jordann Gottlieb Aquatics Coordinator 619-522-2467
Juan Garcia Maintenance Worker II N/A 619-522-7373
Kellie Spurgeon Recreation Coordinator 619-522-2460
Marcus Jones Maintenance Worker II N/A 619-522-7373
Michael Mcgee Maintenance Worker II N/A 619-522-2438
Michael Telenczak Spec. Equip. Mechanic II  N/A 619-522-7373
Nathan Lohr Office Specialist 619-522-2466
Orlando Vales Recreation Programs Suprv 619-522-2457
Phil Fitzgerald Golf Maintenance Supervr 619-522-2439
Ramon Castillo Maintenance Worker II N/A 619-522-7818
Robin Klosinski Recreation Coordinator 619-522-2461
Roger Miller Dir. Of Recreation & Golf 619-522-2450
Rosendo Gonzalez Maintenance Worker II 619-522-7818
Stacy Berman Recreation Programs Suprv 619-522-2458
Steve Fowler Maintenance Worker II N/A 619-522-2438
Wendi Garrison Spreckels Center Supervisor 619-522-7336
Wesley Jones Administrative Secretary 619-522-2455
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