Regional Housing Needs Allocation Information

Appeal of SANDAG Draft RHNA Allocation

The City has appealed its share of regional housing proposed to be allocated under the Regional Housing Needs Assessment adopted by the San Diego Association of Governments.

SANDAG developed the methodology to create the assessment, which assigns housing units based on the amount of jobs in each jurisdiction.
 SANDAG included active duty military jobs that have government-provided housing. This was not previously the case. SANDAG also failed to account for Coronado’s unique constraints to development, specifically 71% of the City’s total land area falls under the jurisdiction of agencies who have exclusive land use authority. Only about 1 square mile is available in Coronado to accommodate the new housing units and it is all 100% within the coastal zone.

The deadline for the City to appeal the San Diego Association of Government's draft of its Regional Housing Needs Allocation was Monday, Jan. 6. This is a public document. Here is a link to the 
appeal letter.



Comment Letter on Appeals of RHNA Allocations


On Feb. 20, the City sent a letter to the SANDAG board of directors. The letter supports three other cities in San Diego County who, like the City of Coronado, also have appealed their allocations. The letter also restates the reasons for the City’s appeal and reinforces the comments in our original appeal letter. Here is a link to the comment letter.
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