Sustainable Programs

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Sustainable Programs and Practices

The City of Coronado works to minimize its ecological footprint through conserving energy, providing efficient and sustainable transportation options, conserving water, and maintaining a healthy and extensive urban forest. Read more about the programs below.

Energy Efficiency

Spreckels Center

Electric Vehicles: The City has installed 14 electric charging stations throughout the City:

  • City Hall
  • Public Services
  • Municipal Golf Course
  • Coronado Cays

LEED Buildings: The following Coronado buildings were built to the LEED Silver status:

  • Animal Care Facility
  • Tennis Center
  • John D. Spreckels Senior Center
  • Coronado Clubroom and Boat House

Solar Energy: Building Permit Staff has issued 288 permits for solar photovoltaic systems in the past 3 years

Landscaping Equipment: On September 5, 2017, the Council approved Resolution 8891 directing the conversion of the City's gas-powered leaf blowers and string trimmers, and those used by its contractors (with exclusion of the Golf Course) to zero-emission electric tools no later than December 31, 2018. Research indicates that emissions from leaf blowers and other small gas-powered engines have a significant impact on air quality and public health risks.  To date, 13 string trimmers, 20 leaf blowers, 2 chain saws, and 2 hedge trimmers have been replaced.


Free Summer Shuttle

Specialized peak travel and commuter trip reduction measures, including:

  • Free Summer Shuttle: Annual summer program providing free 15-minute-increment bus service along MTS Route 904 from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day. Coronado has operated the Free Summer Shuttle every year since 2013.
  • Commuter Ferry: City-subsidized ferry service for pedestrians and bicyclists between the Coronado Ferry Landing and the Broadway Pier in San Diego. The free Commuter Ferry operates Monday through Friday during morning commute hours with a free return trip.

Active Transportation

  • Safe Routes to School Education: The City has provided Safe Routes to School education provide safety education to students for walking and bicycling to school or for other trips.  Currently about 50% of Coronado students walk or bike to school.
  • Active Transportation Master Plan: The City of Coronado has adopted a comprehensive active transportation master plan to address walking, cycling, and other non-motorized vehicle transportation in Coronado.
  • Coronado Seniors Out and About: The City operates a rideshare program for seniors, offering $1 rides throughout San Diego and up to $4 up to 25 miles.
  • Bicycle lane improvements at key bicycle corridors (i.e. Glorietta Blvd)
  • Coronado has been recognized as a Bicycle Friendly Community, at the Silver Level (one of the highest in California)

Water Conservation

Coronado Municpal Golf Course

The City Water Conservation efforts include:

  • A City-operated wastewater recycling plan
  • Water conservation in the  public right of way through fee-free permits for artificial turf hardscaping
  • Golf course water savings plan
  • A new computer system increasing irrigation efficiency in the Recreation Department.  The new system has resulted in a 20% reduction in water use, saving $175,000 in water and $10,000 in electricity
  • Conversion of turf to drought tolerant plants in Cays Median Project in 2015
  • Water usage is expected to decrease from approximately 689,000 gallons to 16,000 gallons per month, resulting in a decrease of approximately $57,500 in annual water costs.

Urban Forest

Coronado Urban Forest Program

Urban Forest Program

  • The Coronado Street Tree Master Plan plans to plant 50 new trees every year
  • The City currently maintains an extensive urban forest with over 8,500 trees
  • Coronado has been listed as a “Tree City USA” every year since 1984


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