LINK+ (Link Plus) is a free service that allows cardholders to borrow books not available in the CPL catalog. LINK+ is a cooperative effort among many California and Nevada public and academic libraries. As a participating library, this service increases the number of titles available to Coronado library cardholders from less than 200,000 to over 22 million! CPL patrons now have a far broader choice of scholarly works, subject specialties and popular genres, available for free checkout and pickup with their library card.

How it Works

Click here for a how-to video

  • First, search the CPL catalog
  • If there are no results in our catalog for the title you want - i.e. "Nothing found for....", you can search for it on Link+ by clicking on the Try your search in Link+ > Search > link

 Search results

  • If you receive results but don't see what you want, you can try your search in Link+ by clicking on the Search other resources dropdown menu > Try your search in Link +
Link+ - Search other resources


  • If you receive results but the title is unavailable - i.e. "All copies in use", you can try your search in Link+ by clicking on the title in the search results list, then click on Try your search in Link +  beneath the box on the right.

Search results

  • If you find the title you want in the Link+ catalog, click "Request it", then select "Coronado Public Library" from the dropdown menu and click "Submit." If the title is unavailable from any of the participating Link+ libraries, you will see the message, "Sorry, no copies available for requests."
  • Enter your name, library card number and card pin#. Select "Coronado Public Library" as the pickup location from the drop-down menu, and click "Submit."
  • If the item is available, you will see the message, "Your request was successful."
  • The library will notify you when your item is ready for pick up, and that can be done in-person at the Circulation counter or through our Curbside Service during library open hours. We will hold the item for you for 10 days.


How are LINK+ books checked out?

When you receive notification, your LINK+ books will be ready for you to checkout at the Circulation desk or through our Curbside Service, as long as CPL is your selected pick up location. 

How are LINK+ books returned?

LINK+ books may be returned at the returns counter at Circulation, or to either of our book drops. Please do not remove the LINK+ information band when returning the book.

LINK+ Renewals

  • A LINK+ book may be renewed once for an additional 21 days as long as the item doesn't have a hold on it at the loaning library. You may renew a LINK+ book at any participating Link+ branch or through CPL's website. Materials can also be renewed by phone.
  • LINK+ books cannot be renewed any sooner than 72 hours prior to the due date. 
  • Books that are overdue might not be eligible for renewal.


  • Only books can be borrowed through LINK+, no audio visual material (CDs or DVDs).
  • Check CPL's online catalog before using LINK+. If we do not own the book, or if all our copies of the book are unavailable, you may request a copy from LINK+ if there is one with an "available" status.
  • You will not be able to initiate a LINK+ request if you have a:

    • Computer Usage Card
    • Children's Library Card
    • Blocked Library card account due to billed items or unpaid charges of more than $10

  • Each LINK+ request is counted as a HOLD on your library record. You may have a total of 10 holds.
  • You may borrow a total of 20 items via LINK+.
  • The average waiting time for a LINK+ request is four (4) days.
  • Please do not remove the LINK+ information band from the book at any time.
  • For a lost or damaged item, LINK+ has a default replacement fee of $115. LINK+ fees can be paid by cash, check or online payment.
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